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Eric J. Charles

Los Angeles, California,
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://www.ericcharlesmusic.com
Operator Operator Music HD v8 image

Operator Operator Music   Pro Tools HD v8       School: AudioGraph International
User   Pro Tools Version 8       School: AudioGraph International
Operator Operator Post   Pro Tools Version 8       School: AudioGraph International
In addition to being certified in Pro Tools HD 210m and 210p Eric is a musician and recording artist. Eric has attended Berklee College of Music and is fluid in such skills as reading music, transcription, MIDI programming, recording engineering and performance and songwriting. If you need a good recording engineer or studio musician please feel free to contact Eric in Los Angeles.
email: [email protected]. Further examples of his work can be found at www.ericcharlesmusic.com.