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Vulcho Bonev

1253 Logan Ave Suite H
Costa Mesa, California, 92626
Email: info@vulcanicstudioz.com
URL: http://VulcanicStudioz.com
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User   Pro Tools Version 9       School: The Recording Arts Center (Studio West)
Operator Music   Pro Tools Version 9       School: The Recording Arts Center (Studio West)
Hello! My name is Vulcho Bonev. I am the founder/Engineer/Producer/Artist @ Vulcanic Studioz In Costa Mesa, Ca. Currently I've been recording bands of all styles of music for the past 3 years. Just recently I thought it was about time to Get Certified for PRO TOOLS as I've proceeded to do so through the Pro Media Training Center Programs. I record- "Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Electronic, Acoustic, Reggae, R & B, Soul, Classical, Folk". I am an extremely inspired individual and have Big Goals developing for my future, as a engineer and musician. I don't only look at each project uniquely from Technical and Artistic perspective, but also from a Producer standing point of view. Striving to achieve utmost happiness and satisfaction out of my clients. I'm constantly striving to learn more daily with- music, recording, gear,techniques, acoustically sound and treated environments, effects, plug-ins, hardware. I am intrigued by these things. But most of all I have fun with the art, and creation of sound. Vulcanic Studioz as of now has A isolated Vocal Room, A Live/Drum/Guitar Room, A Edit Room , Lounge Room w/pianos, and a Office. I plan on expanding into a Bigger Facility in approximately a year. Any Projects that require bigger demands then offered @ Vulcanic Studioz, I have the abilities and connections to rent and use other Studios meeting a criteria for these types of Projects. I also am a Artist/Song Writer/Performer. Playing Clubs, Venues, Bars, Theaters, Festivals in So Cal, mostly from San Diego To Los Angeles. Nothing like working with an engineer that has the experience of being the performer inside and outside of the studio, and in front and behind the studio glass.

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